Exponential Growth


Put the building blocks in place to scale your organization exponentially and globally, without the heavy industrial age investment approaches. Learn how to embrace 4ir, technology and other attributes to power your company forward.

Exponential Attributes

How are some organizations able to grow exponentially?

Exponential growth is not new. Famously Henry Ford achieved this with his assembley line. We saw a transformation of the streets from horse to cars in the early 1900’s already.

The industrial age pipeline approach

Traditional companies today have mostly based their business models on the theories and frameworks of the 60’s – 80’s, as the world embraced the industrial age of manufacturing and automation.

They are struggling to understand how to leverage technology, 4iR and new ways of working. The ExO methodology and its 11 ExO attributes we have identified are fundamental to adapting to the fourth industrial revolution and indeed how high-performing businesses work today.

The 4iR platform approach

Today companies are disrupting markets all over the world and many have the 11 ExO attributes in common. They are able to leverage assets, stakeholders and resources, without the massive infrastructure cost models of the past. Collaborations, technology and abundance help drive this revolution.


What is happening?.

As Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler described in the bestseller Abundance, the exponential trend of technologies is generating a new world of abundance. We all now have unlimited and free access to knowledge, soon will have unlimited and free access to energy, Internet, 3D-printed objects at home, etc..

These exponential companies have all managed to achieve disruptive cost economies as well as market value through digitizing, disrupting, demonetizing and democratizing what was once scarce and carefully controlled by the world,s monopolies.

ExO – The 11 attributes

ExO is not strictly an innovation theory, but rather an approach to innovation and scaling your business in today’s digital world, should you apply the 11 attributes into your organisation’s architecture. These include attributes such as the use of algorithms and leveraging your assets as well as outsourcing, all established trends in the Gig economy (a market characterized by short-term contacts rather than fixed long-term employment). Applying at least 4 or will set you on your path as hou engage with markets in the way they have transformed a

Salim Ismail explained in the bestseller Exponential Organizations, why a new type of business emerged in this world of abundance: the Exponential Organization (ExO), which is a purpose-driven entity that leverages new exponential technologies and a set of common organizational attributes that allow them to tap into and manage abundance to scale exponentially as technology does. Some examples are Google, which taps into an abundance of information; AirBnB, which taps into an abundance of places to stay; Uber, which taps into an abundance of drivers, etc.

The set of common organizational attributes, which allow businesses to become Exponential Organizations, are called the ExO Attributes and there are eleven of them: Massive Transformative Purpose, Staff on Demand, Community, Algorithms, Leveraged Assets, Engagement, Interfaces, Dashboards, Experiments, Autonomy and Social Technologies.

Join us on a journey as we explore how we can implement these attributes and platform approaches to disrupt your very own business.

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